To believe in God is to walk by faith. Two years ago, using only $300 and with a leap of faith, I started Kieya's Kloset. I thought I would only be selling shoes, but God had other plans. Before I knew it Kieya's Kloset expanded its merchandise and family. This journey has been one of my biggest blessings and yet its just the beginning. I'm still learning to accept  delays or problems without becoming annoyed or anxious. There will never be a sure way to determine the outcome of your journey. You may fail a few times before you succeed, but rest assure your pros will be worth all of your cons. I am living proof, that with self investing and a determined mindset, the sky is the limit . I love what I do and I will continue to give you guys fashion, style, and inspiration for years to come.

About Us

  Kieya's Klosete is an online boutique where you can shop quality styles for  affordable price.